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Blog Sneak Peak

Blog Sneak Peak

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Friday the 23rd of April 2021

Pandemic, not many tourists in Thailand. Lockdown, people aren't booking escorts much and difficult to get around. But I have been lucky to be able to get a few bookings. I have also had some want me travel to other towns but I have to turn those down as too difficult to travel now. I also fear I will get stuck in another town if they start enforcing stricter lockdown measures.

This is me the other day arriving at hotel to meet one of you VIPs.

Wednesday the 17th of March 2021

Thank you for another wonderful booking.

Wednesday the 17th of February 2021

Monday the 8th of February 2021

On my way to see my VIP friend.

Monday the 1st of February 2021

Monday the 25th of January 2021

Another wonderful time with my VIP friend. Thank you for helping me.

Monday the 11th of January 2021

Another wonderful meeting with my special VIP client.

Tuesday the 22nd of December 2020

Meeting my VIP friend.

Saturday the 12th of December 2020

Stay looking young by working out often.

Thursday the 10th of December 2020

I meet with my VIP again today thank you and nice to him again

Wednesday the 25th of November 2020

Another wonderful meeting with my VIP client.

Wednesday the 18th of November 2020

Thank you to my VIP client for yet another wonderful time.

Monday the 2nd of November 2020

Come to me my darling. Waiting at our hotel now for you to arrive.

Tuesday the 27th of October 2020

Meeting with my weekly VIP friend at our usual location.

Thursday the 22nd of October 2020

Thank you for repeat booking. Me at our usual hotel when I was waiting for you to arrive. I am so happy to have good client like you.

Thursday the 15th of October 2020

At hotel meeting VIP client. Client asked me to get room and wait for him at hotel. Waiting for him to come now.

Friday the 9th of October 2020

I am back and available in Bangkok now.

Saturday the 4th of April 2020

Trying to stay safe. I am in the age group that needs to worry.

Thursday the 5th of March 2020

Meeting yesterday with VIP client.

Friday the 14th of February 2020

Just arrived at hotel for a special short-time Valentine’s Day booking.

Wednesday the 5th of February 2020

I have 2 hours booking today already arrived waiting for my client.

Tuesday the 21st of January 2020

Thank you to my client for a wonderful time last night.

Saturday the 18th of January 2020

Out late Friday night with the girls, now actually it's Saturday morning. Good night everyone. Going home and to bed soon.

Tuesday the 14th of January 2020

Meeting with VIP client last night.

Wednesday the 1st of January 2020

Just arrived at hotel to meet VIP client. I was his 4th choice as he first selected Katherine, then Alis, then Mabel. Katherine was in her home town for the holiday. Mabel also in her home town. Alis had another booking. So he agreed to see me. His 4th choice but I’ll make sure it’s his best choice!

Wednesday the 25th of December 2019

Merry Xmas!

Saturday the 21st of December 2019

This picture was taken earlier today. Me without make-up. I look a little different yes? Was about to go out shopping. I love shopping. Wanna take me? Shopping makes me happy and when I am happy....

Wednesday the 18th of December 2019

I have 12 hours booking tonight ready to meet my client now.

Monday the 9th of December 2019

This is me arriving at hotel this morning for a 1 day meeting with client.

Saturday the 7th of December 2019

In my exercise class today. I work out often to stay in good shape.

Wednesday the 27th of November 2019

I meet with one of my repeat VIP clients last night. He came back Thailand just to see me again.

Sunday the 10th of November 2019

On booking with a New VIP client.

Saturday the 9th of November 2019

At airport waiting on VIP client to arrive.

Monday the 23rd of September 2019

Another booking! So happy. They like me! I thought I might be too old for this but I do keep in great shape and look better than most girls half my age. Plus you get a mature lady who is no drama, no problems, and experienced. I guess.

Saturday the 21st of September 2019

Dressed and on my way to a long-time booking with a VIP client. I hope he likes me!

Tuesday the 27th of August 2019

Thank you for nice booking

Saturday the 24th of August 2019

Just slipped in restroom and hurt my foot. I will be off for about 2 days. Can’t walk in high heels now for sure.

Monday the 19th of August 2019

Taking during my short-time booking last night with new client.

Thursday the 8th of August 2019

Got my first booking last night and it was with one of the VIP clients. Very happy! These pictures are from last night.

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